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Sunglasses: what are the best to choose?

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the Purpose of sunglasses to protect our eyes. For example, when you are in a dark room - pupils dilate, and the sun - narrowed. Eyes like protect themselves from the harmful effects of sunlight. If you wear low-quality sunglasses, the pupil responds to the Eclipse and expands. This kind of deception - watch becomes more comfortable, however, the natural protection does not work and beams all directions. Therefore, it is better not to wear sunglasses than to wear low-quality.


What sunglasses is best to choose people that have eye problems?

There are simple sunglasses lens with diopters, it protects from the sun and corrects the vision. These lenses are polarized and antireflective coatings, takes away the glare from horizontal and vertical surfaces. If you have poor eyesight, you can make sunglasses with the correction, individually picking up the frame and appropriate lenses. By the way, you can also purchase on the website:


What features gradient lenses?

the Gradient coating is when the lens is not darkened uniformly, on top of it can be dark and the bottom lighter. There are people who can't wear glasses with these lenses. In General, gradient lenses does not harm the sight, mainly they just provide a good esteticheskie. When you read something and don't want to take off your glasses - it's convenient, because the bottom of the gradient lens is less tinted.

we Can say that the gradient lenses is a novelty, before such was not. If the lenses are very dark, they are not seen through the human eye, and the gradient allows a little eyes open.


What is the purpose of have polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are recommended to drivers and fishermen. They take the glare from horizontal surfaces and distortion of objects. Using glasses with polarized lenses easier to look at the wet asphalt, the reflection of water and the like.


Which highlights the special sunglasses for drivers?

For drivers recommend sunglasses with polarized filter, you can choose sunglasses with photochromic lens (called "chameleon»). This lens on the street becomes darker, and in a room she brightens. Photochromic lenses react to the sun, the optimum conditions for them, when they become the most dark is the cold and bright sun. In winter, in Sunny weather they go dark in the summer with the same sun they will not be so dark.

There are lens, will be dimmed by 50-60% or even 80%. There are also photochromic lenses that soon darken in just 30 seconds, but there are those that black out in 3 minutes. Sunglasses, “pyramids” with diopters recommend that drivers who have poor vision, they correct vision and protect from sunlight.


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