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Tips how to choose the right hosting

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Many Internet users know that the placement of the website in the global web hosting needs. In words, it seems, everything is clear and simple. But when it comes directly before selecting a hosting provider, there are many the question arises: "How to make the right choice?". And it is a logical question because in the market a lot of companies offering similar services. The majority of people do not understand what is the most hosting and what parameters it is necessary to choose. In this article we will describe the main factors which you need to choose a web host and tell us about them, Pavlov A. K. - employee “Sitehost”: offering .

  1. Technical requirements. Just before choosing a hosting need to define those parameters that are needed for the normal operation of your web site. This includes: PHP version disk space, PHP memory_limit, different libraries and PHP modules, specific requirements for working with databases, etc. in addition, it may well be that for your website need windows hosting;
  2. host Country. Then you need to choose the country from which visitors are the target audience of your website;
  3. pricing plan. It needs to be selected based on the number of websites that you think to place, as well as technical requirements described in the 1st paragraph;
  4. technical Support. This is the weakest point in any host. Therefore, we must determine the following: whether its skilled employees - if it is, what are the channels of communication with her (online chat, phone, email, ticket system)
  5. Speed. Here is it's not so simple, because the speed of the website besides hosting, also depends on the web site. Directly from the hosting the speed of web site can impact: configuration of software, hardware, as well as the workload of servers;
  6. uptime (Uptime). This expression of time in % during which your web site was available for a certain period of time. Know that 100 % uptime doesn't happen. All hosters happen by a DDOS attack and there are various failures of their equipment. Ideal is considered to be uptime 99.99 % , is considered excellent uptime of 99.9 % and higher is considered a good uptime from a 99.8 to 99.9 %, this itself is considered to be uptime from 99.7 to 99.8 %, is considered to be below poor uptime of 99.7 %;
  7. Value. At this point you need to pay attention at the last turn, because low price is not an indicator of poor quality, as well as the high price does not guarantee high.

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