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What are the varieties of plastic surgery

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Plastic surgery is a rather wide range, which offers many types of surgeries to correct defects of appearance.

Plastic surgery is a special kind of surgery, which provides:

  • implantation of joints;
  • the substitution or displacement of organs and tissues;
  • correction and modeling of the figures;
  • recovery of deficiencies of the body;
  • the smoothing and firming of the skin.

today, cosmetology and plastic surgery are complementary.

additionally, cosmetic surgery does not always mean major surgery with a long recovery period. Now innovative medicine gives the opportunity to improve patients ' appearance without a scalpel, endoscopic way through the small holes in the skin, while the recovery is very fast.

by the Way, a world leader in the number of plastic surgery is South Korea. Here is one of the 5 women did to themselves plastic. And according to surveys, every 2nd girl in the near future is also planning to make one .


Contraindications for plastic surgery are:

  • inflammation;
  • the exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • systemic disease;
  • chronic heart, liver and kidney failure.

Types of plastic surgery

There are 2 types of plastic surgery:

  • plastic, reconstructive;
  • aesthetic plastic.

reconstructive plastic surgery

Reconstructive plastic able to get rid of congenital or acquired tissue defects, but also restores the lost anatomical structures (muscles, joints of the hand...).

the reconstruction of different body areas used the bone, fat and skin-muscle grafts.


aesthetic surgery

the Scope of aesthetic surgery are age-related changes of the body. It helps the patients to recover from complex illness and injury.

the Most common operations of aesthetic surgery:

  • hair transplant;
  • correction of the 2nd chin;
  • liposuction;
  • the breast augmentation.

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