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Laser removal of papillomas

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papilloma Virus, especially dangerous for those who have a weakened immune system. The formation on the skin not only spoils the appearance, it also can cause some harm to human health, if it will spread to huge areas of the body. Papiloma is not looking for any particular place on the body and can appear wherever he wants, but often, this occurs on the face, head, genitals and neck.

the World of medicine has made a huge leap forward. As a result, at the end of the 20th century there was a computational study of these tumors, as fibroma, papilloma, wart. So now you can accurately identify the depth of the lesion a specific area of the skin. Nowadays, laser surgery can explore vast tracts of the human body that is directly affected by papilloma, and then layer by layer to clean up any of the sites.


Removal of papillomas

After treatment in the clinic the patient has blood tests and consults with a doctor, after which he was prescribed a treatment.
- it is not a quick and slightly painful procedure, therefore often use local anesthesia. The area of the skin that will remove the papilloma is exposed to a laser wave of ultrashort pulses. Remember that papilloma will not disappear from the 1st only of the action of the laser. The main reason for this lies in the fact that 1-in pulse, the doctor may remove only 1-in layer of the skin. As a result, the affected tissue is  removed the 1st layer until the skin is fully cleansed.


Treatment and prevention directly after removal of papillomas

In the future, the treatment will depend on severity and size of the skin area that is treated. Physician may be assigned additional course of treatment drugs and ointments. Prescription drugs will need to be taken strictly on prescription.

Removal of papillomas with a laser to some extent, similar to a sunburn. That is why, for the past 2 weeks - 1 month on the skin redness. In a given period is strictly not allowed to expose the skin to the influence of direct sunlight and stay out of the Sun will need to be minimized.

people who have a strong sensitivity to sunlight and laser, there are severe redness and swelling beyond the subject of skin treatment.

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