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How to pick out sunglasses

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every day the sun ​​is getting warmer and shines brighter, but to the human eye, sometimes it's just obnoxious, which is why sunglasses in the summer are just an indispensable accessory. So you have purchased sunglasses 100% consistent with its purpose, you need to understand how to choose the right and also on what characteristics you need to pay attention. This is what we will discuss next. And tell us about this Romanov A. K. - employee of the online store: where you can buy .

1st, what you should pay attention to is the color of the rims. Your hair color should be in harmony with him. Women with dark brown hair will suit brown and red glasses. Redhead and blonde tortoiseshell, brass or bronze frame. Brunettes - gold or classic black sunglasses. Blondes - silver-white, silver or gold frame. Gray-haired women - a platinum rim.


Select points on the face shape:

  • Round face. It is better to take sunglasses with square frame, right line the rim should be smooth;
  • an Oval face. Will fit models of almost any shape. Simply, they should not be too narrow or to extend beyond the face. And the upper line of points must match the shape of the eyebrows. So if you are the owner of fine facial features, then you should not purchase glasses with a thin rim;
  • Triangular. In this case, the ideal option would be slightly elongated to the temples “butterfly sunglasses”. Also look oval and round glasses, Prada if they are not very massive, sleek and thin frame. There is one mandatory requirement: sunglasses should not cover your eyebrows. It is better to avoid models with a wide jumper and bright colors. Also, not the best choice would be a square of glass;
  • Square face. It is better to take large round glasses, or glasses in the form of drops. Rim should cover your eyebrows. Better lenses that were bright and a light shade (light brown, purple). Remember that you are absolutely not suitable square, and rectangular models.

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