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People's face masks

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I Confess that I am not a big fan of "grandma's recipes" for health. If the traditional methods of struggle with a cough or a cold and still suffer sometimes used, the so-called " people's makeup” not quite friends.

Have to explain what you mean not organic cosmetics from natural ingredients, produced under these or other brands, and their own and improvised mash of products. But sometimes you just want to experiment. Therefore, for myself and for those who loves traditional recipes of beauty, today found a few censuses, from simple product to make a useful cosmetic. By the way, there is much which variant . Ready natural product that will bring your skin a lot of fun.



Like the time when a young cabbage. Her salads are juicy and delicious. But it turns out that cabbage is not only well-known and popular vegetable among Housewives but also known cosmetic.

And fresh cabbage, you can make masks, which are suitable for dry and normal skin. To do this, a tablespoon of fresh cabbage pulp should be mixed with two teaspoons of olive oil and egg yolk. After that, the ingredients should be put on double-layered gauze and apply on the face. Lying down with a mask need not exceed 15 minutes, after that wash with cool water and lubricate the skin greasy cream or plain olive oil.

From cabbage juice you can prepare a hair rinse. Prepare a decoction of the leaves of fresh cabbage and parsley: about 100 grams of vegetables pour boiling water (0.5 liters) and cook for 5 minutes on low heat. Then the broth should infuse for at least 3 hours, drain and add to the water, where hair is rinsed. For the effect to use this conditioner costs about a month.



I like cucumbers in salad “junk”. You know that slices of cucumbers on eyelids relieve fatigue from his eyes, however, never practiced. In General, cucumber - not the vegetable, it is used in cosmetics-the most popular masks on the basis of cucumber and tonic. They are well moisturize the skin, whiten and make it tender. With the help of natural cucumber juice can easily refresh the skin, make it velvety. In addition, it can help when you need to cover age spots, freckles, or severe sunburn.

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