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Fertilizers: organic and mineral

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to get a good harvest, plants need good soil, which needs the whole set of necessary for growth and development nutrients.

meanwhile, every year the earth in the garden gets depleted more and more, as the plants suck out of it all the necessary elements. The result is that the next generation of plants, planted at the same place, the necessary food elements do not get. To make up for losses, it is necessary to feed the plants. That's what is needed : mineral and organic.

In these fertilizer nutrients have the exact same composition, just organically there are signs listing all the components of its components. The division into  “soda” and “organic” is rather relative, because plants get their food only in mineral form. By the way, mineral elements are rather generously both types of fertilizers.

the Main thing when applying any fertilizer is the observance of the necessary measures. Overeating is harmful not only for humans but also for plants. Doses applied to the soil of fertilizers should be strictly followed. Organic fertilizers also impossible to overfeed plants. Thus to calculate the required amount of organics is much more difficult. As a result, the gardener fertilizing plants with natural fertilizers, gets vegetables with high content of nitrates. If fertilizers are made correctly, as recommended on the package, the plants will grow healthy, and the harvest will be harmless from the point of view of nitrates.

it is Also important to understand that each plant can feed and organic fertilizers. But for certain plants organic matter are strictly contraindicated. For example, the root systems of plants that grow in acidic soils, simply can not withstand organic fertilizers. Such plants include conifers, cranberry, Heather, blueberry, such as rhododendrons and others. In addition, each plant has its own “taste” addiction. For example, potatoes do not tolerate chlorine. So pick the fertilizer needed correctly in accordance with the type of plant.

it is Worth remembering that most gardeners, even approximately do not know what the soil on the site. In this case, to calculate the required dose of fertilizer is almost impossible. It remains only to follow those shown on the packing medium dosages. If you want to know exactly what are the elements lacking in the soil, and which, on the contrary a lot, you should at least once in 5 years to do a soil analysis.

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