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Parrots are man's best friend

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whatever the toy the child is not bought parents, her nothing will replace a live friend. If you compare parrots and other Pets, that wavy is the cutest pet. They not only delight children and parents, but also maybe to talk to them.

Very nice that from the cage the parrot does not smell bad. It is only necessary every few days to change the newspaper from the tray cells. So he bathed enough in the cage to put the bath water, the baby will love to watch this process. In the cage can make a ladder from the branches of the fruit tree, the parrot will be on them preening.

the Child must understand that parrot is a living creature, and if it breaks, then fix it was impossible. Teach your parrot to care for, giving your own examples. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can find on the website:

do Not buy your kid a big parrot, because they are more aggressive. The best age for cats is 1-1.5 months. With your child read books on caring for a pet, go to pet shop together, so that the child felt responsible for his friend.

the Baby needs to be independent enough already to be able to care for themselves and to begin to learn to care for others. It's from 5-6 years, depending on the temperament of your child.


Can animals learn human language if they find a common language with us using familiar words and expressions?

indeed, parrots are the most talkative creatures in the birds. Some of them remember dozens and some even hundreds of words. Sometimes the words spoken by them are as follows in time that we cannot recover from surprise.

once I had to hear the story about the parrot who daily when in the house all woke up, loudly said: “Good morning!&"When I sat down at the table, affably said: “Bon appetit!&"And when a stranger approached his cage, so to speak, a dangerous distance, struggling shouted: “Kar-Raul”

the Ability of these birds to memorize individual words has become a service to their owners. Thus, in some adventure novels we can find the stories that parrot the pirates could point to the location of a huge treasure, uttered the word - the name of the island.

In other books is found the story of how a parrot helped to restore the language of the ancient tribes. Caught in the wilds of the jungle, parrots thanks gab has allowed scientists to hear some of the words are long extinct or exterminated the natives. “Tape” accuracy with which he reproduced the words and expressions birds, sometimes helped scientists to reconstruct a dead language.


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