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About 90% of all information that a person receives from the environment is received through vision. So very sad when people are not able to fully perceive the world through poor eyesight. Fortunately, we live in a time when natural shortcomings can be corrected.



a Nice consequence of the emergence of private optic shops is the fact that in most of them you can not only buy glasses, but to find them with the help of a doctor who works at the store.

According to ophthalmologist now vision diagnostics is not limited to only common since Soviet times table with rows of letters of different sizes. In order to choose the right glasses, diagnosis is carried out in several stages. First, by skiaskopia line, determined by the optical power of the eye.

However, this method requires a physician of great experience, and the error can be 1-1. 5 diopters. Much more accurate than the optical power of the eye can be determined automatically using a special device autorefractometry, since all the required calculations the computer. After this the visual acuity of the patient check on the mentioned table and with a trial set of glasses pick need glasses.

Diagnostic testing of children has its own peculiarity - the eyes of a child, you first need to relax. In public institutions this is mainly used atropine drops, side effect which is that the child within 7-9 days can't read and write. Now there are drugs that do not cause such impacts - for example, the German drops with a couple of hour-long relaxing effect.


Spherical lens

For the manufacture of points the user can choose between two main types of spherical lens: mineral (glass) and polymer (plastic). According to their optical properties they are almost identical. However, plastic is light, these lenses do not break, especially good for children's glasses. But plastic lenses require more careful care. By the way, now . More information about it you can visit the website:

The cheapest lenses that you can buy in Ukraine - domestic production. In addition to the usual lenses and presents a full range of lenses for special purposes.

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