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Need special care hair extensions?

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hair Extensions require a careful maintenance. In particular, when washing hair, you need to tilt the head back, not comb your hair wet. Also it is not advisable to dye ammonia paint.

If you want to change the color of the hair extensions, then they can be bought tinted paint. In addition, hair extensions can't do perms. Extended hair as your drying with a hair dryer, however, it is not recommended to abuse it.

do Not recommend hair extensions to people who are undergoing chemotherapy with hair loss. And people who take antibiotics and hormonal drugs. It is not desirable to increase hair girls up to 16 years of age because at this age they are still quite weak.

the Main contraindication for hair extensions are hormonal disorders, diseases in which there is a strong hair loss. Very often hormonal drugs leading to hair loss. By the way, if you are interested in more information you can visit the website:

If you have no contraindications, and you want to have long and luxurious hair, you can safely decide to expand it. Women who have tried this say that more can not imagine their life without long hair.

As told by Elena AK, it increases the hair for about a year in the beauty salon «Alexander»:

to be honest, before the building was a little worried because I heard from friends a lot of damage to hair from this procedure, but the love of "hair" won. While increasing hair, my hair was not damaged at all, because master did his job efficiently, and she properly care for them. Seeing this result, I'm definitely going to advise all who have a desire to build hair. About professionals beauty “Alexander” will say one thing: they are like wizards - just super. Will help and pick up the tone, and advise all care and as people they are great, " said the girl.

Elena also noted that stepping up the hair until its not reach to such lengths as she wishes. As the woman said when you start to walk around with hair like that, to abandon it.

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