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How to choose the right shoes for the groom?

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usually, when people talk about wedding shoes, I mean shoes of the bride. However, the groom at the wedding is also an important character!

it would Seem that there is nothing easier than to choose the right shoes for the groom - you can go into any store or visit an online store, pick the first couple who will enjoy and pay for your purchase. Then, as they say, a trick - there will be only on the appointed day to put on shoes or boots. By the way, if you are interested in wholesale, then the more information you can visit the website:

But the process of selection of shoes is actually much more difficult and today we will tell you that you need to consider when choosing shoes for the groom.

Men choose shoes, despite the whole process from a practical point of view. This means that, in their opinion, the ideal would be the shoes that can be worn in the future. This decision is rational, but it is important to take into account the solemnity of a future event:

  • Classic shoes is a good option for the groom. Don't want to spend a lot of time creating the image? Then choose the classic version and not lose.
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  • With the costume better look shoes without laces.
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  • For wedding the best choice would be leather shoes. Suede shoes is a better fit for informal events. Patent shoes are the perfect option just in case if the groom will wear a tuxedo or evening dress.
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  • Groom with big feet is better not to buy shoes with long pointed toes. In such shoes it can be a little awkward.
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  • Shoes and the groom's suit must be the same color, but if you cannot achieve this combination of shades, then you need to follow the main rule: shoes and belt should be of a single color well. The task is quite feasible, because now in any online Shoe store to buy shoes of different colors from white, beige, grey to brown and black. With grey suit will go well with white, ivory, blue or pink shirt and black shoes.


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