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Ayurvedic facial mask

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Ayurvedic cosmetic products perform the same functions as conventional cosmetics: cleansing, moisturizing and nourishment. However, Ayurvedic remedies, which the effect of each component is carefully studied and tested for centuries, to cope with the tasks much more efficiently.

In the office you can see a large variety of face masks. At first glance, nothing complicated in choosing a mask and there, if you know your skin type. But experts of Ayurveda claim that it is not enough. To the face mask, or any other cosmetic product, worked on “excellent”, they must be chosen accordingly to the type of Constitution.

it is necessary not only to identify what dosha generally influences the condition of your body, but also to determine the one that affects the skin condition at the moment. The influence of the doshas may change for various reasons: the environment, climate, change in food habits etc. After finding out which dosha predominates now, you can proceed to the selection of face masks, to weaken its influence and bring the condition of the skin in a harmonious state.

Our online shop can offer you a wide range of beauty , which not only helps in skin care, but will make her radiant with beauty and health.

  • Herbal face mask rose Sandal with natural apricot kernel oil and orange oil (Khadi) and has a lifting effect, softens and brightens the skin;
  • Ayur Cucumber mask eliminates acne, whitens freckles and pigment spots, moisturizes the skin. The same effect with the mask, Bio Coconut (Biotik);
  • Herbal face mask “Lemon” (Khadi) with regular use will cleanse the skin of allergic rashes and greasy, “Orange” ideal for combination skin, and the mask "Almond" of the same manufacturer will help in the treatment of dry and sensitive skin;
  • For oily skin mask It and Turmeric from the company  Himalaya, Bio Clove Anti-blemish mask with clay therapy from Patanjali;
  • Masks, smoothing and rejuvenating the skin: turmeric from Sri Sri Ayurveda, herbal powder mask "Sandal & rose”, “rose” (Khadi);
  • Exfoliating mask Gold Khadi" nourishes the skin and tightens the pores, and the effect is visible after first application.

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