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Gynecologists in one dream - that all women came to the test

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any cancer doctors say the cancer is not terrible, while you are young. The same applies to women's health. And while, say, cervical pathology may be seen with the naked eye, and gynecologists statistics is relentless: this disease is one of the first places in mortality rates among women of working age. And one in five who was diagnosed with cancer, die.



cervical Cancer is the most common type of cancer, which come for treatment. The cancers are sure, would not have a huge number of patients, if women once a year took it a rule to be checked at the gynecologist. Here's, like, the doctors dream of everyone to come for a visit. With mandatory cytological cervical screening (smears examined under a microscope) there is a chance to prevent the development of a malignant tumor. And there are no age restrictions - make an appointment with time as the girl starts to be sexually active. Indeed, in recent years statistics show that cervical cancer younger: operated even twenty years. By the way, if you need information about how to find it on the website:

If our women once a year you need to get to the gynecologist in Europe are verified once in three years. This is because such a number of cancer patients, as we have, there is long gone. In the European nursing College and universities, has ceased even to show and to study cervical cancer the third and fourth stages. There is no need.

every woman in the detection of pathology should take a smear on atypical cells, human papillomavirus and biopsy of the cervix. By the way, the human papillomavirus may cause precancerous diseases of the cervix. If a virus is confirmed, the treatment is carried out, it is driven into the sleep state, and if the woman will carefully monitor your health and be constantly monitored - there will be no problem to feel. Because cervical cancer does not develop instantly. He needs 10-15 years to finally form into a terrible diagnosis. That is, an annual check is needed to identify the disease “Bud”, at the cellular level, under the so-called dysplasia. And it will see the usual maze under the microscope, examining the brush strokes, which are taken every woman.

Diagnosed three types of dysplasia (discomfort and cervical epithelium) that are related to precancerous conditions: weak, moderate and heavy. After untreated severe dysplasia occurs zero stage cancer. And only then diagnosed the cancer and the stage. In the I-II - recovery, respectively, 98% and 75-78% of patients with stage III - 50-60%, the last stage IV is metastasis and spreading of cancer cells throughout the body. And only 13% to cope with the disease ... at the time.


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