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What are the features of skin care in summer?

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in the Summer from the constant exposure to the sun the skin loses moisture, becomes dry. Therefore, primary care in the hot season is a moisturizing and toning mask. The necessary procedures can be done in salon or at home using berry and vegetable masks. Specifics of care depends on skin type and age category. For example, skin problems suitable drying means, antibacterial care, mask with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

after the age of 40 need to hide your skin from the sun, we should not neglect skin care, because of the abundance of sunlight is photoaging. The changes experienced by the skin, under ultraviolet irradiation, manifested in the form of wrinkles, age spots, dryness and the like. Use sunscreen, wear hats, base, shawls.

don't worry about what the person in this case will remain white. It will tan, will prevail through the hat or an umbrella from the rays that are reflected. Thus, sunlight will not be such adverse effects.


Tools face care to take a vacation at sea?

you Need to take the leather cleaner, sunscreen, moisturizer, moisturizing mask. Before you go outside, apply a protective cream, and when you go to the beach bring a bag with creams. Every time after bathing lubricate the face and body cream with sun filters. Only after that you can sunbathe. To restore the skin in the evening on the face be sure to apply a night cream. By the way, you can buy and on the website:


How to restore the skin after prolonged sun exposure?

typically, after leave the skin dry, the sea she looks good, but should be paid to skin more attention. You need to visit a beauty parlor to remove the top layer of the skin. You can do a peel or scrub, moisturize the skin, with treatments, if necessary, and mesotherapy. After excessive exposure to the sun the skin becomes exhausted, and at home it is difficult to recover and provide a good view. Besides, if the skin is prone to rashes after prolonged exposure to the sun could be in trouble.


What protective cosmetics need to use in the summer?

Summer is the use of San arrays and cosmetics with sun filters. Do not forget about moisturizing creams and masks. In order to choose a quality and reliable means, is to consult with a specialist in the cabin. The specialist will advise, what cosmetic is right for You.


Cosmetic procedures are not worth doing in the summer?

Any bleaching procedure in the summer you can not do, also it is not advisable to do chemical peels and undergo the cryotherapy treatments. In summer, cryotherapy is recommended only for problem skin. Therefore, conducting these procedures, it is better to move for another season.

If you neglect skin care in the summer, use of protective cosmetics, you may receive the pigmentation. Pigmentation difficult lighting, you need a lot of time to make the skin beautiful. However the pigmentation can occur from health problems - this hormonal imbalance, medications and the like.


How to get rid of facial wrinkles?

wrinkles appear because we are constantly bruise when the sun. After the summer you can take a course of mesotherapy or recovery moisturizing masks, peels, massage, etc. However, even if you do nothing, then after a month or two they go.


How to care for facial skin by yourself to keep its natural beauty?

must be cleansing morning and evening, you can wash anything - this comfortable soap and water, to whom milk or otherwise. Then you have to apply the cream in accordance with skin type. Once a week should do the peeling. If you have problem skin and have rashes, peeling should not be done, and it is recommended to do peeling. Use the mask. You can use various ways of facial care as specialized and homemade recipes. To have good skin, you need to care for her, make time for yourself - to do the mask, relax.


What other factors affect the beauty of the skin, in addition to sunlight?

of Course, the beauty of the skin affected by stress, health, water quality and supply. You need to eat quality, healthy food that is well absorbed by your body. If you have health problems, depending on the situation, you need to limit the use of some products.

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