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Choice MacBook: how to do it?

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Two months ago I updated my work computer. The need for this arose not so much because of its deterioration, but because of the desire to move from a stationary laptop PC. I wanted to get some mobility, for example, at the meeting with the client to have everything at hand. Besides, with a laptop you can change the work environment even every day.

I decided to share with you my experience with the laptop from the perspective of a web designer. Because I see that the question of choice of the working configuration is commonly of interest to many. By the way, if you are interested in the exchange of such a gadget, like a MacBook the old to the new, the more information you can find on the website: .


just as with any business tool, I figured your requirements:


       enough power to work with graphic editors (photoshop and illustrator);

       autonomy and how you can lower weight for comfortable work outside the office, for example, in the cafe;

       good view. It just so happens that I love gadgets are not only functional but also are a pleasure to hold in the hands;

       the platform doesn't matter because all of my work programs are on both windows and mac, or even Internet services;

       diagonal also does not matter, as most of the work I planned to perform after connecting an external display.

And I chose a MacBook. I would like to highlight its work correctly (stutters for a few seconds and flashing) when you connect a Dell U2410 display via HDMI, but the problem was solved adapter HDMI to DVI, which I have lying around since PC. Later I suggested that this problem have many, so it is better to connect the monitors using brand Thunderbolt to DVI, and ideally take alevsky display.

Some may think: - " and what for so to bother, when you can take a normal, powerful statsionarnykh?&". Of course you can, but I do not regret using such an upgrade, and here's why.

With a laptop I can change their work environment whenever you want. I'm home today, tomorrow, in a cafe, library or in the Park ... Sitting on the terrace of the cafe, I sometimes easier to concentrate than at home. This opportunity for me overrides all the previous inconvenience. Also, with the MacBook I can not worry about the socket. 5 hours can be made.


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