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What is the psychology of a trader?

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trading — it's a job that constantly requires good skills to analyze in detail, make inferences, quick response, to have endurance, patience, to be willing to take the risk. 

what personal qualities of the trader and depends on the success or failure in the market. In the case where you want to go to trade of a systemic nature, this does not relieve you of heavy load of emotions when making critical decisions during the trade. Very often Forex traders think that the less emotions they have, the more successful their trade, because strong emotions often interfere to take the correct decision. But an irresistible feeling of worry, fear to lose or not to win money, always accompanies every trader. difficult and requires special consideration.


How to control your emotions during emotional overwhelm of the senses?

Long known that the emission of human emotions — is not only a reinforcement of some joy, but also elaboration of negativity, and the analysis of emotions it gives also invaluable flow of information. We often orientirueshsya on this information, we begin to act under its impression. A correct analysis of their response to the discarded emotions gives you the ability to control these same emotions, and therefore our actions. Few ways to control human emotions.


First method

you can Change emotions very easily, changing the main object of the concentration of emotions. Usually this method effective. What we often turn our attention becomes very effective. First and foremost, you need to change the direction and attitude to the situation.


Second way

Change your old beliefs, and then you change and your own emotions. All starmovies beliefs that are created in us for life is a kind of filter that adds some color information in our minds. These beliefs greatly affect the interpretation of all of life's events.

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