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Knee: features of the operation

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knee replacement – known for many surgical operation, which helps much to improve the quality of life in the presence of severe diseases of the bone-cartilage system. Now the installation of the implant – this intervention surgery, after which the patient can walk for a couple of days.

Surgery performed at implant insertion, represents the removal of all damaged parts of the bone, cartilage and directly replace them with pre-prepared artificial dentures. All the ligaments and muscle setting after this operation intact, and after healing of all soft tissues, the joint becomes fully operational.

often shown when the other measures are more common treatment do not bring any positive results. The main symptoms of irreversible disease that progresses is:


         Different kind of destruction of all surfaces in joints, which seriously disrupts the function of the knee joint at all the slightest action;

        Night and day the pain is severe in nature;

        a Quick process of destruction of the joint.


Indications for surgery

total joint replacement in some cases is the only opportunity that allows you to back a man who suffers from severe inflammatory or degenerative lesions of the joints to their normal routine of life. Very often surgery is prescribed for such diseases as:


        osteoarthritis-in this disease is the calcification of the cartilage, which leads him to death;

        rheumatoid arthritis – this is a very well-known chronic inflammatory disease of the knee joints;

        avascular necrosis – is a necrosis of the bone due to the fact that disturbed blood circulation;

        there are bone tumors that disrupt the normal functionality of the joint

        joint damage due to the occurrence of gout.

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