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What is a heat pump?

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Heat pump – this is a known heating device, which can be used to apply thermal energy obtained from the ambient air in your chosen space. Often this device consists of an inner and outer section which are connected together with pipes and wiring.


Main advantages of a heat pump is:


    Savings. The heat pump helps to save energy, but heat is not produced. Energy, which is located in the outer air, you just have to collect and move in space. In good conditions in order to collect and send to room 4 kW of heat energy should be at least 1 kW of electrical energy. Electric radiator, as an example, for the production of the same amount of heat, typically consumes up to 4 kW of electricity. By the way, you can purchase at a low price.

    Convenience. Apart from the fact that the heat pump brings in huge savings on heating, it is also very convenient and easy to use. The device that has the remote control, always maintains the desired temperature, filter and directs the flow of air. In addition, the heat pump used for cooling in summer weather.

    Our climate. With the huge benefits a heat pump can work at temperature of air about +7°C. In the case when the temperature is below -15 degrees, it is necessary to connect additional heating, because the heating capacity of this device still will not be enough. The heat pump is always working with other heat sources. In our climate, it is best to heat with this W heat pump and additional heating are used only in very cold weather.



so the heat pump is one of good heating devices, which is often used in different premises, ranging from office and residential finishing. In order to choose the best quality pump it is important to remember that without the specialist advice you need.


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