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What is a cataract?

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a Cataract of the eye – this is a very common disease that leads to complete or partial clouding of the substance of the eye lens or its capsule. Often accompanied by this disease because the vision is reduced, or it is lost.


What are the symptoms of a cataract?

Cataracts are often characterized, that has a few degrees of destruction. They directly depend on it, which will vary the symptoms. But still, the symptoms include the following:

  • Appears double vision in the eye. This is a very early symptom, but as the disease starts progresses, this symptom gradually disappears. By the way, if you interisuet more information about this you can read at:
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  • Images are fuzzy, blurry images which is not corrected even with contact lenses or glasses. Also it is very hard to see how close and far situated objects. Patients describe this vision, like blurred with a small mass of the shroud.
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  • the Appearance of outbreaks and flare that occur  in most cases by night.
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  • Increases the light sensitivity of the eye mainly at night. In General, the vision at night is getting worse. All light sources shall be submitted to the patient is very bright, and such, that irritate the eye.
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  • color Perception begins slowly broken, and while they all eventually become a little pale. Person is difficult to perceive the shades of blue and purple.
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  • If the view is improved, it's just-just for a while. This symptom is usually characterized by the fact that a man who wears glasses earlier, with the development of this disease can and they are permanently abandoned. But it's only for a while.


a Cataract is eye disease, which mainly affects older people. To cure cataract it is necessary during to consult a doctor in order to begin treatment. So remember that the delay in this disease is not necessary.

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