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How to choose a good mattress?

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the Choice of mattress is a very difficult job. As you select a mattress first and foremost, depends on the quality of sleep and your overall health. So, for your consideration, I propose to consider a few important rules when choosing quality and affordable mattress:

the First thing it is important to take into account while buying a mattress is for what purpose you are going to buy it. By the way, you can .

Further, it is important to define the types of the mattress. Today there are only 2 types: spring and springless. Mattresses that belong in the first group, often  used 2 types of springs: spring unit where all the springs are fastened with wire or a block of independent springs. This is a very complex technology, but comfortable for any person. The highlight of the block of springs is that each spring is located in a small textile pouch which is then connected with the other springs. So hard lost a bunch between all the springs, which significantly increases the degree of adaptation to special properties of each person.

the Next important and special factor is the rigidity of the mattress. Mainly produce mattresses, 3 types of hardness: soft, medium hard or very hard. The choice directly depends on the age and complexion of the person. If the person itself is thin, and to buy a hard mattress does not cost because the pleasure of this orthopedic effect, he will not feel, but rather, all the nights spent on this mattress would be unbearable. Here is a man with a huge weight hard mattress only benefit.

Price. Due to the huge number of mattresses that are currently on the market, you have the opportunity to pick up a mattress to your taste and color, and even pushing the budget. Naturally, the higher the price, the mattress would be better.

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