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Wedding rings: what should they be?

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to Choose a wedding ring is not easy - it's even more responsible and difficult task than selecting the wedding dress of the bride. Anyway, the wedding dress the bride will wear only 1-in times, but the wedding ring she will wear for the rest of my life.

Going shopping for wedding rings in the jewelry center or salon, you will find that a definite answer to the question: "What should an engagement ring?" just no. By the way, in Ukraine you can buy the jewelry online store:

So in the days of our grandmothers and mothers wedding ring was just smooth and it was made only in yellow gold. And today you have to choose between modern and classic.


So what has to be an engagement ring?

the Correct answer to this question will be: engagement ring must be such that exactly like you and be round. Today the various jewelry companies are very freely interpret the notion of “wedding rings" and, as a result, I suggest something like a ring, and rings without stones, but with a textured or faceted surface. It is better to refrain from buying such engagement rings.


Why engagement rings must be smooth?

Yes, because the smoothness of wedding rings is a symbol of smoothness in the relationship of the couple. I think that if the engagement ring is faceted or fluted, and the relationship of spouses in a marriage would be “bumpy”, and conflict and strife will continue on a regular basis, “circle”.

By and large, no more special superstitions in relation to wedding rings there. The material from which made wedding ring can be any, but it is better that he was “noble” – red, yellow or white, titanium, platinum, silver or a combination of several metals.


Choose a wedding ring?

Choosing a wedding ring you must remember that by the evening the fingers are a little swollen, which is why it will be correct a few times to try on any ring (of course if you're time allows). Try 1-and the same wedding ring in the evening and morning, in order to know 100% that it will not subside with your fingers throughout the day and will not push in the evening.

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