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What today there are varieties of medicines?

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Today in medicine is used a lot of types of medicines that have either action. On the package itself you can read , their action, side effects, indications, etc.


Types of medications:

  • Antibiotics. This group of drugs include tools that help human to your body to cope with various bacterial infections. The 1st effective antibiotic, which is very widely used is "Penicillin";
  • Analgesics. This group of drugs include tools that help to eliminate pain and reduce fever. The most well-known analgesics are "Dipyrone" and "Aspirin";
  • Spasmolytics. This group of drugs include tools that relieve spasms. The most famous antispasmodics are "Papaverine", "no-Spa", "Duspatalin". For example, "no-Spa" - this is an antispasmodic medication broad-spectrum. This drug is used for headache, renal colic, to relieve spasms of the urinary system and digestive tract;
  • Sedatives. This group of drugs are tools that are used to address sleeping problems and to relieve muscle and nervous tension;
  • Anesthetics. These medications are created with the goal of “off” nerves. They are necessary for anesthesia during surgical interventions;
  • Vaccine. These drugs help a person to develop immunity to infectious diseases, as, for example, "Insulin" is used when the pancreas of the person does not produce the hormone necessary for life;
  • Antidepressants. These medicines help to cope with anxiety and stressful situations. A vivid example of the drug in this group is "Afobazol";
  • Antiseptics. These drugs are used to treat intestinal infections. An example of drugs of this group is "Interix" and "Ercefuryl";
  • Medications. These drugs are used to protect the liver. An example of drugs of this group is: "Karsil", "Hepabene", "the Meal of milk Thistle";
  • Vitamins. These drugs are used to compensate for the deficit of vitamins and trace minerals. An example of drugs of this group is: "Aevit", "Panangin" "Multi-tabs";
  • Homeopathic remedies. In these preparations, the principle of treating like with like. In homeopathic medicines medicines are used in ultra-low concentrations, their use triggers the self-healing human organs.

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