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How to choose a walk-behind?

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This question poses a lot of people and, as a rule, do not find you a qualified answer. After all, the market today is saturated with a large number of tillers of various types and many manufacturers - so it is easy to get confused

In this article the classification of different types of tillers, which will allow anyone to make the right choice and effectively use the acquired mini-technique on own personal plot. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:

In classification, we stop at the main characteristics, which are implemented in modern designs and tillers are extremely important in their operation. Therefore, motor units are divided into four classes by weight and purpose:


ultra-light trucks - weighing up to 15 kg.

They are portable and highly maneuverable, are used to perform precise operations (e.g., circular weeding). In these tillers is in the presence of automatic coupling, and they have variable speed cutters - 140-280 rpm Is a multifunctional all-season tillers performing practical operations that farmers take with the hoes and shovels. Using additional mounted guns, their capabilities can be greatly expanded. This is the only tillers with the help of which you can do the weeding. They are effective when used on “speckled” in areas with many small (3-6 acres) of beds for different purposes. Weeding them can be carried out on plots of any size.


Light tillers weighing 20 - 35 kg.

Their weight should not exceed 35 kg, as these tillers as ultralight, have only one gear. Reversal is done by hand and should not tire the operator. The versatility provided by a variable set of cutters and mounted implements. These tillers are very comfortable for spring and autumn work, and cultivation of raised beds with an area of 20-30 acres.


 tillers Medium - weight 40 - 80 kg.

They must have reverse, which greatly facilitates the work and expands their possibilities. Then you can hook onto the cart. Professional or semi-professional version, these cultivators have a PTO shaft that allows the use of a large number of mounted guns. They are effective in processing soil on plots with an area of 40-60 acres. Can be used to perform many farming operations.


Heavy tillers - of a weight exceeding 80 kg.

They have multiple speeds and the shaft or pulley of the PTO. This so-called two-wheeled “running” tractors designed for use in areas of 60 acres or more.

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