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Medicinal plants guarding the health of your body

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Natural detoxification of the body involves a complex of processes. Most of them occurs in the liver and the lymphatic system. When own forces of the body is not enough, the toxins together with lymph and blood are carried to all other organs-kidneys, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, skin. Toxins can cause damage not only to individual bodies but also to undermine the immune system in General. That is why it is so important to carry out cleansing of the body. Modern professionals have developed effective programs of purification, for both the individual organs and systems and the whole organism. They are all based on the action of medicinal plants, the magic power of which was known in ancient times. And to support the organism in a difficult period of purification it is important to take multivitamin complexes, the type of Detoxil. This drug is specifically designed to support the work of the liver and biliary tract, the gallbladder. It provides the body with essential trace elements, because during purification the need for them increases dramatically.


Why is it important to detox the liver?

water Soluble toxins are excreted along with fluids, due to the natural excretory processes. However, fat-soluble toxins first go through detoxification in the liver and only after that they can be removed from the body. Thus, the liver is the guardian of our health and our task is to simplify her work. In addition to specific compounds that the liver cells develop independently, a significant role in neutralization of toxins and support the liver are vitamins a, C, E, K, B1, B6, beta-carotene and Biotin, and minerals. They are in high concentrations are contained in medicinal herbs such as milk Thistle, rosemary, garlic, dandelion, black currant and lemongrass. This is why experts recommend for cleaning the liver to drink decoctions of these herbs. Or take a multivitamin complexes, which include essential minerals and trace elements. One of these drugs is .


Detox the lymphatic system

the Lymph fluid that "bathes" the cells in the body and accumulates in itself toxins, including those found in the blood. Vitamins a, B6, C and E, along with minerals iron, selenium and zinc are vital for the proper working of the lymphatic system. The best herbs for cleansing the lymph is recognized as Echinacea, Golden seal, yarrow, curly dock, ephedra.


Secretory systems and toxins

After the liver converts toxins in convenient and safe for the body shape, they can be withdrawn through one or more excretory systems, which also depends on the balance of vitamins and minerals. It is also worth noting that the active excretion of toxins out and nutrients – which means, there is an imbalance in the cells, which is bad for General health. So, again need external support in the form of multivitamins, such as Detoxil, or medicinal decoctions and infusions of herbs.

Stimulates the excretion of toxins such remedies: diuretic, expectorant, laxatives, and diaphoretic. From medicinal plants cleavers, dandelion, Golden seal is considered the best diuretic. Yarrow, buckthorn, sorrel curly – effective laxatives and stimulants of the digestive system. Yarrow, Cayenne pepper - stimulate sweating. Well, comfrey and licorice common is known as a high-quality expectorant.


Binding and removal of free radicals

Free radicals can enter the body from the outside and obtained as a result of the natural metabolism. But in any case, you must remove them from the body as they reduce the human immune system, disrupt internal organs and cause premature aging. They are able to affect the structure of DNA and provoke the development of malignant tumors.

free radicals neutralize antioxidants: vitamins a, C, E and the minerals copper, manganese, zinc and selenium. They are part of active components Detoxil. Antioxidant properties of medicinal plants have Ginkgo biloba, cat's claw, hawthorn, and licorice.

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