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Tea: flavored drink centuries

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Many years ago, people realized that drinking hot water with the flavors and variety of tastes of pleasure: she is quiet, warm, and heal. And what herbs did not use people! For example, the ancient Sumerians brewed the willow. Hippocrates, having been in Scythia, wrote about the use of rhubarb, wormwood and other plants. Meanwhile, in warm areas, in the East of the planet, grew a small plant under the name “tea”, which subsequently conquered the world.


How to lose weight with tea?

This helps the cinnamon. Look how sweet diet – I'm genuinely interested. Going to make tea with apples & cinnamon (this wonderful mix of apples and cinnamon - is resist?).

Required: 1-1. 5 l of water, 2 tablespoons of black tea, cinnamon stick, two apples and 2 tablespoons of honey. In boiling water add the apples, cut into slices, and cinnamon. All you have to bring it to a boil but do not boil. Strain into a kettle, let stand 5 minutes and add honey. All, nothing more is needed! By the way, offers you delicious teas at affordable prices. More information you will find on the website:


tea with cinnamon and cloves: how to prepare?

For lovers of spice have a wonderful tea recipe with cinnamon and cloves. You will need (for two cups of tea) cinnamon stick, one and a half tablespoons of black tea, 2 buds of cloves and honey to taste. First of all, you need to boil the spicy water in the pan should be poured 2 cups of water, add cinnamon and cloves and bring to a boil. Reduce heat, and cook the spices for 5 minutes, depending on how spicy a flavor you want to get a result. Then fall asleep tea, quickly remove the pan from the heat and need to spill flavored drink cups, adding honey to taste.

And after a while, when it's cold outside and humid, with a Cup of tea will warm you up, invigorate and even completely avoid colds. What will be your tea - you choose. I wish you pleasant tea drinking and good health.


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