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Where better to treat cancer?

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Who would and what would not say, the treatment abroad is more professional and more modern. While undergoing treatment in countries such as Germany, Israel, Switzerland and the United States, you will receive the most effective therapy. Abroad there are no problems with access to medicines and with the staff, and do not need to wait for months to obtain quotas, in order then still to pay 10s of thousand under the table.

Now of cancer treatment in Germany, Israel, USA, Switzerland and other developed countries yield not only the people who can afford it. Today, more zhitiley of the Russian Federation, faced with nynishnie realities free of domestic medicine and prefer foreign clinics.

About the benefits of cancer treatment abroad, we will tell Moshe Yeshurun - the doctor, "Refua Shlema", which is almost 1 year operates on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Advantages of foreign medicine:

  • a Fairly high level of preventive work with local residents, which in turn gives the opportunity to detect cancer at an early stage;
  • Higher accuracy of diagnostics, because the success of treatment depends on the correct diagnosis;
  • Constant monitoring of the reaction is a cancer on the medication gives oncologists the opportunity to change the treatment regimen, while choosing more effective drugs, which in turn, provides a very high survival rate of cancer patients even in advanced stages of cancer;
  • Highest qualification Onco-surgeons, guaranteeing you low-impact and gentle on the high of the surgery;
  • a Very well-coordinated work of highly qualified doctors in various areas: physicians, family doctors, surgeons, engineers, technicians, scientists, staff. This ‘creative symbiosis " enables the oncologists to do real miracles;
  • Using only high quality drugs for the effectiveness of treatment (in foreign countries don't use generics);
  • Informal communication with the patient's physician is of great importance for the patient as attentive doctor to such several times enhances the therapeutic effect of the treatment itself. Also with cancer patients and their relatives are Ecopsychology.

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