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Useful properties and the use of burdock root

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the Mug is 1 of the most used plants in folk medicine. In the treatment of various ailments often use the root of this plant, but sometimes also used its fruit and leaves, read .

the Leaves of this plant are harvested starting in June and finish the collection in September. The roots of burdock 1 St year of life is mostly harvested starting in September and ending Oct. If burdock has been growing for the 2nd year, you can collect its roots since the end of April and until the end of May.

To the end of the vegetation period, in the 1st year of his life burdock root accumulate in your all nutrients and beneficial substances, which is why its root in this period of time very fleshy and juicy.

Accumulated nutrients and minerals burdock begins to spend the 2nd year of his life. So, nutrients are spent on the formation of the stem of the plant, causing the root becomes woody and flabby, and for culinary and medicinal purposes - worthless. Directly after the burdock root is dug up, it is thoroughly washed with cold water, clear of the ground and separated from the top. Then it is cut into pieces with a length of 10 to 15 cm, and if the root is even and thick, it is cut along.

Next, burdock root tolerate in a well ventilated room (attic, shed, cold Russian stove), where it is dried. Directly after drying, the leaves of burdock can be stored up to 1 year, and roots - not > 5 years, and, in the wooden container.


What mug has the useful property?

burdock Root contains:

  • mucus;
  • up to 45% of the polysaccharide inulin;
  • fat-like, bitter and tanning substances;
  • essential oil
  • protein;
  • tar;
  • mineral salt;
  • a huge amount of vitamin C.

the Leaves of burdock contains:

  • tanning substances;
  • essential oil
  • ascorbic acid;
  • goo.

In the fruits of burdock is:

  • a lot of fat (20 %).

burdock Root has antiseptic, moderately analgesic, disinfectant, choleretic, diuretic, diaphoretic and antiseptic, relieves the symptoms of allergies and itching, works as a mild laxative, and improves skin condition.

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