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What is the monitor bowel cleansing?

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colon Hydrotherapy (IOC ) is a highly effective treatment technology, which aimed at the liberation of the human body against pathogens, harmful toxins. The result of this procedure greatly improves the health and well-being, and stimulates your immune system and normalize metabolic processes in the body.


Monitor intestinal cleansing has the following indications:

  • tobacco, environmental, alcohol, microbial and food poisoning (intoxication);
  • being overweight, bronchial asthma, allergic-infectious nature, inflammatory bowel disease, early atherosclerosis vessels, skin and allergic diseases, and to improve the functioning of the immune system, the cardiovascular system and Central nervous system.

for medicinal purposes, often doing from 3 to 10 treatments, lasting 20 to 40 minutes. Healthy people to prevent disease, cleanse the body of salts of heavy metals, toxins and endotoxins recommend to take a 2 year course of the IOC.

When hydrotherapy water with the addition of different medicines and herbs that normalize the intestinal microflora, is introduced through rectum by means of spets. probe, and washed the entire colon, which can reach 2 m in length.

This procedure is 100% safe: the irrigation is carried out by specialist + apply sterile rectal nozzles. Directly after IOC, the patient feels a certain pleasant ease, he had are inflammation and rashes, General health improves, the swelling, the skin becomes more elastic, increases vitality and immunity, as well as reduced weight.

If You want to improve your figure and health, care about health, want to have silky smooth skin and a good complexion, then make sure personal experience in the healing properties of monitor purgation.


do I Need a special. preparing to conduct the IOC?

No special. training kolonogidroterapiya is not required, but be aware that:

  • this procedure can be carried out not earlier than 1 hour after a meal;
  • directly before the procedure it is better not to eat products that contribute to increased flatulence (rye bread, cabbage, sweet pears, beans, grapes);
  • some clinics suggest to release the colon using a cleansing enema or take a laxative.

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