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What is Hollywood cleaning person?

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This type of cleaning the face this name was not simple. We all know that Hollywood Actresses are the ideal brand for all women. Many girls believe that it is not possible to buy the same good looks as the stars, but this is not so. In order to realize women's dream to be like Hollywood stars, today, beauty salons provide has become recently a very popular service .


How to make a Hollywood cleaning person, and how has it effect?

cleansing is carried out by means of phytic acid. As a result, the skin becomes elastic, fresh, smooth and fade dark spots. Such peel you can do at home, but, you'll need calcium chloride instead of phytic acid. Ultimately women have smooth face without minor redness and blackheads, as well as the aligned color.


What is the effect of Hollywood peel?

This peel will rid you of problems such as:

  • Pigmentation;
  • drying of the skin;
  • Scars;
  • Acne;
  • Pale skin;
  • pores;
  • the Pleats on her face.


  • Inflammation on the face and scarring;
  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • Hyperglycemia;
  • Herpes;
  • Hypersensitivity to the components of the mixture.

Phytic acid helps to improve the condition of the skin, prevents the appearance of the face of unwanted pimples and blemishes, acts as a scrub, sloughing skin and ridding it of dead cells. Eventually, the skin begins to breathe. 2nd, but equally important component of Hollywood peel is succinic acid, which nourishes the cells with energy, improves metabolism in the cells.

the Duration of this procedure is no more than 2 hours.



  • Any violation of blood circulation of the epidermis are eliminated;
  • Hardened cells are eliminated without pain and it is very easy;
  • This procedure can be performed at any time of the year;
  • Painless
  • Simplicity.


Before you spend a Hollywood cleaning person, you need to consult a doctor so that it said exactly what procedures you should pass, based on the characteristics of your skin type.

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