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Back problems: run to the doctor

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When across “shoot”, twists the neck, thoracic care, then any person there is no doubt - it is necessary to immediately treat the spine. Often, however, changes “are hear” elsewhere. For example, a person has a sore shoulder or leg. He seeks the help of a podiatrist.

In the world believe that if pain is, then it is a disaster. To start it should be treated before irreversible changes. This is the same as with the tooth, if it hurts, then there is already trouble. People used to think logically: if it hurts there and there, that body and should be treated. However, in reality it often turns out that the problem is in the spine, not where it hurts.


Where you can find spine treatment?

Institute of Vertebrology and Rehabilitation clinic for treatment of problems of the spine, joints and ligaments. Orthopedists-traumatologists conducted conservative treatment of orthopedic diseases as arthrosis and arthritis, osteochondrosis and other problems of the support-motor apparatus. By the way, can confirm the professionalism in the work.

according to us this clinic: it is often called "painless" of the pathology in the spine cause a rather complicated condition - dizziness, nausea, and people actually become unhealthy. The reason is the irritation of the vertebral vessels. Typically, patients who suffer such ​​disease, go to a neurologist. They prescribe a examination, course of treatment, which can take years. However, as a result of special diagnostics you can find out quickly enough that this is a problem of the spine.

Clearly indicate the change in the portion of the spine due to problems in one way or another on almost impossible. The doctor can only make a careful diagnosis.  Quite often, getting rid of problems in the spine, many patients discover that they have become the norm pressure, which “jump”.

Sometimes patients I managed to remove the attacks are very similar to those that accompany bronchial asthma. In fact, the reason for this situation was a spasm of the intercostal muscles. In fact, the man who began to feel pain should be examined. This, at least show the real picture of the condition of the body and will help physicians to certain conclusions.

In the end, the patient is at the reception vertebrologist. However, quite often the time already lost. It is especially difficult to treat patients who have processes in the spine has become a chronic problem. When one problem far. Doctors explain that it is very similar to how film movie ago hyping disappear symptom for symptom.

problems with the spine are called "disease of civilization". Therefore, no one now - in an era of inactivity, i.e. lack of movement - they are not insured. Sick and the drivers, accountants, and adults and children.

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