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Pull out eyebrows: how to do it right?

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Initially you need to determine your eyebrow shape. Often, brow shape, divided into 4-d type: jagged, curved, straight and round. Mainly most celebrities (movie stars, pop divas) prefer eyebrows with a large bend, i.e., the zigzag shape of the eyebrows, for example: Ashley Judd, Marilyn Monroe, Christina Aguilera, you will not tell about models because fashion is not tied to any particular way - it's varied and bright. Therefore, in order apparently not to be tied to a specific type of appearance, models prefer a more natural brow shape, for example, straight or curved.

Modern girls are very often used treatments such as hair coloring and plucking of eyebrows. Today the market is overflowing with various novelties in this field. Next, we consider , in order to give them the desired shape.


Rules of plucking eyebrows:

  1. Initially, you need cosmetic white pencil to mark the boundaries, i.e. the start and end points of your eyebrows. Not to be mistaken with the choice of the proportions necessary to take a pencil and vertically and attach it to the wing of your nose: perfect point for beginning of the eyebrow is at the point of intersection with a pencil. And the outer border of the eyebrow you can determine if the wing of the nose, you apply the pencil and hold it directly over the outer edge of the eyes, the truth is better to leave it natural. If the nature of the plan you've been generous, then the length of the eyebrows can be visually slightly to add, the main thing is not to overdo it;
  2. Next comes the most crucial moment – plucking. Today in stores you can buy a special applicator, which simplifies the process of eyebrow correction. Do we need to make the applicator so that its beginning coincides with the beginning point of the eyebrow and a white cosmetic pencil to trace around is a much easier adjustment process. After that, eyebrows must be combed with a brush, but strictly according to the direction of hair growth. If you take the top edge of the eyebrows, then it is necessary to stop and not to make unnecessary mistakes because visibaba this part of the eyebrows, you risk drastically change your face and not in the best side, and to correct the situation later will be Oh how not easy;
  3. Start to pluck eyebrows it is necessary from the lower edge, while helping the second hand slightly to pull the skin on the outside. Do not get involved in the process, otherwise, you risk to transform your own eyebrows to the ropes. You need to try to just correct the shape by plucking wrong growing hair;
  4. After plucking, need to be mandatory to put some antiseptic on the skin around the eyebrows to help protect from infections and will help you quickly get rid of the redness.

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