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The most frequent malfunction of washing machines

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In this article we will talk about problems which can occur with one of the main helpers around the house, namely, with a washing machine. And tell us about them, the employee of the Kiev company "RemTech" service, which carries out at home.


damage to the washing machine:

  • Clogged drain. This problem is most frequent breakage. Drain system clog different foreign objects that immediately prior to loading the Luggage in the washing machine not removed from the pockets (lace, buttons, coins and other “utility”). Often, in order to extract from the washing machine most of the garbage it is necessary to partially disassemble;
  • “Weak” handle. The washer has a trap door which is equipped with a locking system that protects the user from electric shock. This lock operates automatically and depending on the model disappears after a certain period of time. It is therefore not necessary to make a locked door a huge effort in order not to tear the handle;
  • Overheating of the Heater. If you use a small amount of Laundry or excessive amounts of washing powder, then it could be the enclosure of the Heater bubble, causing it to overheat. Finally, the heater may simply die quietly or loudly explode;
  • other sounds. The appearance of any extraneous sounds and noises, during operation of the washing machine, often caused by the wear of bearings. Except the bearings will also need to change the seal. Also, it is possible that you will need to replace the drum. To ascertain the nature of the problem the washing machine must not be used;
  • Vibration operating. If in the washing machine to load a lot of clothes, then it may stay in a clump, as a result, during the spin cycle at high speed the washer starts “jump”. Such violation leads to the fact that horizontal. razgermetizatsija, resulting in the oil seal enters the water, and from there directly to the bearings, and vertical axis machines to bend in “8-ku” that, in consequence, further increases the vibration;
  • the Problems with water. Even if when the washer is constantly going on pouring water, then there is problem with solenoid valve. In this case, it is necessary to replace the faulty node. And in that case, if the machine is switched on and the water continues to fill, then the drain hose is faulty or it just needs to be lowered to 0.6 m below above sea level. sex.

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