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To cure cancer probably!

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Radiation therapy is considered to be one of the main methods of treatment of oncological diseases. In need about 70-75% of patients with cancer. Today in Israel, there is the possibility of treating patients with this effective method. Highly qualified equipment, care for patients, the latest equipment - that's what makes the cancer center in Israel is the best.


is Possible to cure cervical cancer if the disease is already at the third stage?

the Treatment is carried out at all stages. Depending on the stage - different prognosis, and different severity of treatment. For example, if the first stage is only operative treatment, and after that a person is healthy, in a third stage, and we were talking about the third - here the whole complex of treatment. This preoperative chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgical treatment, postoperative chemotherapy, that is, from the stage depends on the extent of the treatment. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:


And how quickly patients heal after such treatment?

there are also standards do not exist. Because each patient is individual. It all depends on the age and health status.


that is, the younger the organism, the faster the person will recover?

Not necessarily, the better the condition of the body. Because, unfortunately, now and in 30 years a whole bunch of pathologies. That is, for example surgical treatment in the first stage is trauma, you want to move. Because any surgery is traumatic. As well as radiation therapy, so chemotherapy is the so - called damaging therapies. Therefore, the extent of rehabilitation depends on the General condition of the patient, the volume of the treatment, and then from the rehabilitation measures implemented.


Mamalode age disease?

Yes. For the past 20 years there is a tendency to pomolodeyut cancer


what does it just depend?

From all that cancer has no single cause. Cancer has a so-called politologicheskogo the cause, and the influence of environment and lifestyle, and congenital disorders, and the accumulation of genetic disease.

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