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That buuut nwald stroller?

August 18 2016

Nwadi a wheelchair - TSE obladnannya reabilitacia the passive type. Pact not allow himself , in movement, and TSE Robit suprovodzhuyut person. The stroller usually strollers lain, got neveliko width I malenic wheels. Taqiy divice dozvola easy perevozit pacta Yak in medychne salad, so I quarter.

Nwadi USOC peredacha scho lyudin, scho znahodytsya in NY, maybe she s uspehom, provoditi , in movement I personalise separatist. Sadn wheel Krka stroller mayut great diameter I votrs wheel for manual management a stroller. By the way, kmatsu nwado stroller you can pridbati in Internet MAGAZIN: . Dali mi mi razglyadev features the same krel wheelchairs.


Tipi nwana strollers

  • Nvada stroller active type. Tsey view of the stroller of prisacani for active separatist Peresuvna people s obmezheniy picname mozliwosciami. Stroller active type usually vigotovlyaemo s mcnich materials, that bitrimulti trial navantazhennya and polissena design dozvola Moble personalise;
  • Stroller s valnum / mechanim drive. TAC stroller Onsen pneumatyczne tires, that dozvolyayut amortizati the stroller nervnih powernap. For rakhunok tsoho on this vtocco can freely personalise on vulitsi. Stroller W walnym drive zabezpiecze natinst I bespeco movement of zavdyaki contact s surface. Krka s walnym drive often back scho mayut regulates, Yak dozvola zminyuvati Kut - nihilo. Strollers of this type dozvolyayut people s zastavim obmezheniy of mozhlivosti actively personalise I navti bootie aktivnymi in sport;
  • Elektricne kreslo-stroller. Dealine option for Vlingo Peresuvna. On Krk s elektricnim drive can personalise Yak Seredin primmest, so I on vulitsi. Elektricna stroller working from akumulatora battery of I are equipped with remote management, yaky Mauger ustanovlyuvalysya right slva I poseredine. For DOPOMOGA remote management lyudin, scho sidit in kolacz, Mauger upravljati Krka not Dokladi osoblivi susil. Elektricne nvada Krka got the Mac Pereval ( a vdni option for Peresuvna pant. Smut - TSE those scho lyudin not vitrata bagato susil for privedena Krka in movement, in addition elektricne krko which is very convenient I Shvidko Peresvet. For rakhunok chislennykh Pereval vartist nvaleo Krka s elektricnim drive dosite high;

Varto takozh should be noted osoblivi nwald Krka:

  • Sportive;
  • Detach;
  • Santen.

Sportive strollers retroblast specjalno to take up a sport. Stink mayut principle constructs active type ale for rakhunok cols, roztashuvannya pid pewnym coot sticky more . . mobilnimi. TSE dozvola people s obmezheniy the Ruhi zaymatysya the sport and brother fate in zmaganiach.

Detach Krka usually vegetablesa ndial pid zamovlennya, Yak krko for detini got mother nevelik rosmi, obov'yazkovo regulowane back TA INSHI features, s look around on specifc I priznachennya this obladnannya.

Santen Krka osname snmn vessel that himi prochnosti, and the fact mozhut vykorystovuyutsia for Priya the soul ABO vdduv the toilet.

Translated by "Yandex.Translate": translate.yandex.ru.

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