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The psychologist: why is it needed?

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Now a profession, as a psychologist, every day become more and more relevant, since together with the specialist you can very easily and effectively solve the problems of life. So, today, psychological knowledge has spread to many spheres of human life: self, work, family, health, etc. by the Way, if you need , we suggest that you contact Kuznetsova, M. M.:

Now you don't need to suffer a loss and going in circles how you can improve your health, achieve success in a career, to solve conflicts, to find a life partner, etc. Examine yourself and to seek answers to various questions you have is, of course, very useful and interesting exercise. But there are such situations when the solver needs to optimize, when a person comes to a standstill, he simply did not have enough knowledge and resources, and even having a good knowledge base, he sometimes can not understand how in certain situations they are best used.



the Advantage of working with a psychologist is that having a spec. knowledge it is capable of:

  • to see the current situation more deeply than yourself;
  • to make a diagnosis;
  • to find out what's stopping you to get what you seek;
  • to help to find a way to eliminate the negative processes inside the patient, as well as in his external world.

Remember that life's problems on an empty place does not occur. Misfortune and happiness are a result of man's inner world, a world with its underlying processes and secrets. It happens that some of these processes are malfunctioning and, as a result, violate universal mood.

a lot of people dream about, that their life has changed dramatically for the 1 but the moment, just like in a fairy tale. Yes, this certainly happens. But it happens not because these miracles creates a psychologist but the thing is that people just ready for them, believes in them and committed to them. In other words, the psychologist is able to teach a person to create his own life, can show how this can be done, to explain why he used it did not, and help him to get rid of all inner limitations.


counseling often consists of the following steps:

  • discussion of the problem;
  • next comes the analysis;
  • after this diagnosis;
  • the final step is the use of various psychological approaches.

the Main problems treated by a psychologist:

  • depression and fears;
  • Trauma, severe crises and grief;
  • Conflicts, problems in communication;
  • the Choice of partners, loneliness, relationships are created;
  • Children's and family counselling;
  • vocational Guidance;
  • Psychological diagnosis;
  • Working with diseases of the body;
  • self-Determination, search for the meaning of life.

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