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Norms and deviations of discharge after childbirth

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No matter how the child was born, immediately after birth from the genital tract of the mother for a very long time it is possible to observe bleeding of different intensity. Why do women have ? This occurs because after the placenta and fetal membranes the inner surface of the uterus is a wound exposed surface. In the normal passage of birth, in the third period rejected the functional layer of the endometrium thickened. At the same time, there is reduction in the size of the uterus directly from the dynamics data rate and also the nature of the discharge gynecologist and evaluates the recovery of the female body.

In the 1st hours after birth, the intensity of these secretions remains very high – that is why in the early postpartum period do not need to use any shims to remove them, it is better to prefer the absorbency of the diapers. Despite the fact that many women it seems awkward, the gynecologist easier so after birth to evaluate the intensity of the discharge, and the diaper after use you can throw away without any regret.

The 1st hours and days immediately after the birth of allocation has a sweet strong smell of blood, because 80 percent of unmodified blood, and 20 percent is a secret uterine glands, which begin to work intensively after childbirth (restoring the mucous starts immediately after birth).

Deviations are: a sharp decrease in the volume of emissions (there is spasm of the cervix, which could lead to infections), as well as a strong increase in the volume of emissions (this is a violation of contractile activity of the uterus and even in this case, the gynecologist may suspect a bleeding disorder, by the way, in the development of DIC need to conduct immediate intensive therapeutic measures, because this complication is directly threatening my life).

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