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What is a mammoplasty?

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Today the majority of women want to have beautiful Breasts. Mammoplasty - this is nothing but a correction of the shape and size of the breast surgically, but many women still do not dare to surgery. In this article we consider the features of this procedure. By the way, to see some pictures of the mammary glands, you can online clinics:


What are breast implants?

the Last time was invented many methods to change the shape and volume of the breast, including:

  • homeopathic medicines;
  • special beauty treatments and products;
  • achievements of folk medicine;    
  • special clothing;
  • hydromassage.

But, today, the most effective method of correction of the breast is mammoplasty, which involves the change:

  • the shape and contours of the nipples;
  • the amount and areola of the breast.

A lot of private clinics and plastic surgeons promise a holding of 100% quick and safe surgical interventions, while often attractive prices, various discounts and the absence of contraindications. To such information should be treated critically, and one should not trust your health to doctors with questionable qualifications.


What you need to know about breast implants?

you Need to consider the following circumstances:

  • to Predict the specific results of this operation can only a professional plastic surgeon with the necessary experience and specific knowledge;
  • When performing the 1st surgery consultation you need to look at the specific results of executing the same operations;
  • All the fears about possible complications and how to resolve them it is necessary to make a plastic surgeon who will carry out the operation;
  • Choose only quality implants, because in many respects this will depend on how the results achieved and your health;
  • you Need to provide proper care for the breast during the rehabilitation period. In addition to the full observance of the recommendations of the plastic surgeon you need to take into account the specific reactions of your body to the introduction of a foreign body.

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