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How produce mineral water?

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Everyone knows about the huge importance of water. Without it can't live no living creature, and man is no exception. Drinking water can be spring or mineral. Next, we'll talk in more detail about the last one.

Mineral water bottled in accordance with technological instructions, as well as hygienic-sanitary requirements, compliance with which is confirmed by certificates. Right before the bottling of mineral water is cleaned from impurities and filtered through asbestos or ceramic filters. In the morning the water is not allowed the content of any organic substances in the treatment should not exceed 30 IPF-1, and the medicinal - 10 MGL-1.

Directly after filtration, medical and medical-table water enters the saturator (equipment used for aerating non-alcoholic carbonated beverages and mineral water) in which it is under a pressure of 4 atmosphere saturated with carbon dioxide gas (CO2).

the CO2 Content in bottled waters should not be < 0.3 per cent, but in the ferruginous waters - not < 0.4%. After this CO2 rich water is bottled using in PET or plastic bottles (0,5, 0,75, 1, 1,5 and 2 liters) or glass bottle of green-yellow glass (0.33, 0.5 liters). Dilse spilled water and hermetically sealed with a special plastic or metal strips of peel or polymer material.

drinking water is also available in carbonated form. Externally, bottled water should be colorless, transparent, not to have impurities and pungent smell. Allowed only a slight precipitate of natural mineral salts contained in water. All bottles must bear a label on which shall contain the following information:

  • bar code
  • manufacturer;
  • the well number and the name of the source;
  • volume;
  • chemical composition and mineralization;
  • the designation and the name of the water;
  • recommendations for storage and use of water;
  • the shelf life and date of bottling.

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