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Erotic massage - let your body talk about their desires...

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we All know that massage has a tremendous impact on the human body. In addition to stimulate blood circulation and improve the General condition and tone, it helps to cope with various diseases of the back, prevents salt deposits. If Your goal is to hear more about the benefits of erotic massage, its types and methods to run properly, and also the best institution that provides these services, then this article is undoubtedly useful. Erotic massage is one of the relaxing massages. Accordingly, its main goal is to relax your body and calm your thoughts, forgetting about all the psychological problems. Among the many positive factors of influence on the human body massage provides and and improve heart rate and blood flow, and oxygen supply, and even losing weight by breaking down fats. in the salon "Hot Chocolate."

Features, methods of implementation and the types of erotic massage.

the Classic technique.

gun-fu or the stage of preparation - this is often rhythmic and soft, massaging the oil into the skin.

Tao - the pressure on the body is slow and smooth movements of hands.

Anh-mo - intensive rubbing of the body with emphasis on the erogenous zones.

Mo-fu or massage the area of the navel, stroking and rubbing.

the Culmination and the final stage - affection of the stomach, buttocks or Breasts.

Easier to understand what constitutes a procedure of this massage, it will help detailed classification. Depending on the technique there are several varieties:

Thai (classical Thai traditions massage Breasts, nudity and massage therapist, and patient )


a Nice warm shower, then light and weightless caress, the technique of pressing that is applied all over the body, invokes relaxation. In the process of erotic massage the masseur can cuddle up to You belly and Breasts to stimulate arousal. After the procedure, You have the opportunity to lie in a state of relaxation, alone with your feelings.


As a rule, female erotic massage is a nice water treatments, relaxing massage techniques in the Nude and nice intimate tricks.

Urological - refers to the health and medical category of massage.

Why should You choose salon "Hot Chocolate"?

  • Comfort and the atmosphere of relaxation and comfort and personal choice masseuses from staff;
  • the
  • Purity, safety, better hygiene and care for Your body;
  • the
  • professional staff, impeccable external data;
  • the
  • Strict confidentiality;
  • the
  • a Profitable system of discounts and bonuses for regular clients of the salon "Hot Chocolate".

Having been masterly services staff, as well as experiencing the incredible effect of this erotic massage, other salon you think you want. An exhilarating world of pleasure, the universe is full of relaxation, a Nirvana, where the problems and worries just don't exist - isn't that what You need?

Listen to your body. What it is you broadcasting? What is required?

Let him get a charge of positive energy and order one of the types of erotic massage in the salon "Hot Chocolate". Rely on the professionalism and skill of the masseuses and You will not be disappointed.

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