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Practice fighting with azoospermia

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In Europe and particularly in Germany are quite highly developed medical school that deals with problems of female and male infertility. And the last case, one of the main reasons is considered a violation of reduction of sperm in the ejaculate or lack of them. (this is from a scientific point of view name of this condition) in terms of the Stuttgart IVF clinic depends on the causes of the disease and current tests of the patient, but about all under the order.


causes of

From the point of view of official science is divided into non-obstructive azoospermia, obstructive and combined. In the first case there is a violation of the process of sperm production in the second - obstruction of the deferent ducts, but in the third - both at the same time. As practice shows, the best cure for it was the first form of the disease.

the Development of azoospermia may be caused by a genetic predisposition, ingestion of toxins, inflammation of the reproductive system or deficiency.



Carefully collected the tests is one of the main keys to successful treatment. In the process of diagnosis the specialists of the centre, the ECO assess the key characteristics of the ejaculate:

  • volume and motility of germ cells, their morphological features;
  • the
  • the number and types of white blood cells;
  • the
  • production of immature sperm.

Besides single color, viscosity, liquefaction time and pH level of sperm.


Types of procedures

In the center of the infertility treatment IVF practice three basic methods of treatment:


    ICSI. It is a surgical procedure that requires General anesthesia of the patient. Depending on the type of azoospermia puncture occurs of sperm from the testis (TESA) or epididymis (MESA). The resulting material is placed in a special microflora (solution), and then choose the Mature cells for further fertilisation;

    IMSI. In fact, this technique is analogous to, or rather the further development of ICSI. One of the distinguishing features is the use of powerful microscopes to more accurately calculate Mature and normal cells;

    PIX. This method is based on the use of hyaluronan-protein - protein compound that is part of any egg. The fact that normal sperm cell contains at its head the appropriate receptor, which helps him to determine the direction of movement. In defective germ cells this receptor is absent.

Using the latest technology and advanced equipment allows the German authorities to deal successfully with azoospermia, increasing the chances of successful conception.

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