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What is Iherb (iHerb)?

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Iherb — this is a very popular online market from the USA which specialises in vitamins, natural products and Supplements. This online shop is 1 of the oldest, it works on the market since 1996, Products are delivered from the US in 150 different countries. iHerb is a leader in China and Japan, and in America by sales volume it occupies 2nd place in its category.

hallmark online store Iherb is a very close relationship with the largest producer of vitamins, Now foods (Now Foods), which was created as far back as 1968, With the beginning Now Foods has created iHerb to sell their own goods, and for a couple of years iHerb has grown into a separate course of business and closely working with the company-founder, and competitors.


Main "+" acquisition of goods in Iherb

Ordering vitamins and cosmetics from America not in all cases means a very small price. It is much cheaper to buy Supplements from China and India, however when it comes to our health, the most important criterion is quality, not price. The online market Iherb certified storage conditions in our warehouses and therefore guarantees the quality of all their products. Buying expensive anti-aging cream or cheap vitamins  you can be 100% sure that from the USA you will send it is original, and not fake in a very similar packaging but at a cheap price.

the Absence of brokers and regular discounts when I shop at a lot of goods make prices lower than in domestic pharmacies. By the way, you can find that will allow you to purchase desirable goods for a lower price. In this case, you exclude the wholesale intermediaries, which in turn allows you strongly enough to drop the price a huge amount of goods, and in medicine and cosmetics especially since different cream price regulation are not subject to and in consequence of such pharmacies wind % what you want.


is"-" order products from iHerb

From USA parcels going to Ukraine and Russia 14 - 21 days. Also it happens sometimes that you sometimes need to pay customs duty. But these downsides can be stopped unless the people who are new cream is needed very urgently, immediately, right now.

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