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Food polyols: what are they?

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Food polyols, or in other words sugar alcohols are often used as tools that podslushivaet food. They are often used in the production of confectionery products, therefore, have wide application in manufacture of dietary products, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, surfactants in household products.

in order to well digest does not require the allocation of human insulin. These sugar alcohols (i.e. polyols) are often used in the manufacture of different food products that undergo heat treatment, but that it is important to take into account that their direct dissolution in water often takes place with absorption of heat. By the way, more information you will find on the website:

Sugar alcohols when compared with sugars usually assimilyatsiya a smaller number of microorganisms, which is why they are less susceptible to microbial degradation.

Sorbitol (or sorbitol), known as glucitol "sorbitol" is shestiyaderny alcohol that has a sweet taste. He has long been registered as a food additive E420. Sorbitol is usually used as a sugar substitute, but it can be found in many dietary products and even dietary drinks.

the Substance is considered to be famous food sweetener, because it allows for a normal amount of calories or energy for diet — 2.6 kilocalories (11 Kilojoules) per gram, against 4 kcal (17 Kj) from ordinary sugar (64 % of the caloric value of sucrose), and here the sweetness is less by almost 40 %.

Today in the technologies of production of modern cosmetics sorbitol is used as a hygroscopic substance and quality thickener. Some transparent gels can you make only using it because it has high refractive index. Sometimes this substance is used as the absorbent substance in the manufacture of cigarettes.

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