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What is a prophylactic medical examination?

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Preventive medical examinations of different population groups, particularly people of working age, are always welcomed by the physicians of all eras. Doctors have long campaigned for mass preventive examinations, encouraging citizens to undergo one or other form, as in the press and other media, came to the workers and explained the "+" early diagnosis of deadly diseases. As they say opinion polls: examinations in different firms with employees only cause irritation.


What is a medical examination?

Examinations health workers are a form of preventive and curative medical care, which is the active examination of a person for the purpose of early detection of the disease and determine its state of health. This is the most important component in the system of preventive measures aimed at clarifying the eligibility of a person to perform the work of a particular specialty or in a specific job, and need to prevent and detect occupational diseases throughout the employment and implementation of, the desired therapeutic procedures.

Compulsory medical checkups, depending on the objectives, there are 2 types:

  • Which are held for the safety and preservation of health;
  • Which are held to determine the suitability of a person to certain work and to prevent occupational diseases.

All kinds of medical examinations are divided into:

  • periodic;
  • ;
  • the target.

First of all, a medical examination helps to assess the capabilities of a particular person to carry out his professional duties without compromising their health. Also, medical examinations are conducted for prevention and timely detection of the initial stages of occupational diseases and to prevent their further development. With the help of medical examinations, the employer has a chance to monitor the health of employees, which helps in the future to avoid the development of occupational diseases it was his fault.

the Main objective of the preliminary examination – determine the health status of the worker assigned directly to him for the work.

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