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Why you need a psychologist?

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During the session, the psychologist helps people to solve as a concrete fact concern and a common source of disease, find the source of stress. Depending on the approach used by the psychologist, and neglect status ailments person will be different and the duration of such sessions and consultations of a psychologist.

One of the main roles in human life and behavior play emotions and feelings. Depending on how a person reacts to the surrounding world and events that will shape his life, relationships with friends and colleagues. Therefore do not neglect any warning signs, which may come from the body.

Emotions should be quite moderate: not weak and not too strong, to correspond to events, that is, not to interfere with the man himself and others. Exactly what organized human activity. By the way, you will find on the website:

When a person, for whatever reason begins to lose emotional stability, ceases to experience and to respond to surrounding stimuli - life loses its meaning, becomes bland, uninteresting, inadequate. But, if a person too emotionally takes everything that makes his behavior inappropriate and uncontrollable, it is also a deviation from the norm. In such cases, comes to the aid of a psychologist, which helps to restore the lost balance, to regain the joy of life.


Among the services offered:


        clinical counseling (psychogenic disease psychogenic heart disease, psychogenic disorders, psychogenic cough and tics, mental status, variability of mood of the client, decreased performance, insomnia, sleep disturbances);

        business consulting;

        educational counseling;

        family counselling (relationship with husband, relations between spouses in the family relationships spouses with their parents$

        relationships with others, conflict situation;

        work on the growth and development of personality$


        the crisis state (loss, post-traumatic stress disorder)$

        relationship with children and adolescents.

        emotional distress (fear, guilt, grief, depressed mood, anger, aggression, anxiety, etc.;

        the emotional and professional burnout.

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