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in addition, the range and prices, each consumer in pharmacies, of course, interested in the quality of the products that he buys. Guarding the quality and safety of medicinal products is the State Inspectorate for quality control of medicines. According to the chief state inspectors for quality control of medicines in the country is sold about 8-10% of counterfeit drugs. That is, those that either contain no active ingredient, or produced by someone unknown, but labeled under well-known brand.

In the first eight months of this year, together with the regional Prosecutor's office was discovered 15 episodes of counterfeit drugs, including cheaper, for example, chloramphenicol, and more expensive drugs known foreign manufacturers. By the way, if you are interested in more information you will find on the website:

Therefore, if you receive certain drugs, you or feel any therapeutic effect at all, or notice is not provided by the instruction side effects - please contact the State office. She will make the necessary studies and if the drug is indeed falsified, will give information to law enforcement agencies, which are already well-established pattern will detect and punish supplier of forgery.

Long known that certain unprincipled in some way interested doctors knowingly prescribe patients expensive drugs of foreign production, although there are domestic and cheaper substitutes, has real grounds for existence. In the West doctors have special forms that indicate a complete list of drugs that should be prescribed for a particular disease. In our country such recommendations are being developed and why there is a question of medical ethics. Because the standard of living of the vast majority of our citizens do not allows you to maintain your wallet the global pharmaceutical industry. And although the country does not produce all the necessary medicine drugs, most of diseases can be treated and domestic drugs.

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