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Food against cancer

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Scientists of the research center for cancer concluded that the 3rd part of all diseases of cancer occurs in consequence of malnutrition. According to the author of a blog about healthy lifestyle cancer prevention is physical activity and healthy nutrition. So you should eat a balanced diet, with a daily norm of fats is not > 50 g for women, and not > 75 g for men. Every day diet should include plant foods, and vitamins.


anti-Cancer products:

  • Vegetables and fruits. If you will daily eat 0.5 kg of fruits and vegetables, 2 times will reduce the risk of cancer of the bladder, lung, stomach, colon, breast and larynx;
  • Milk and dairy products with a fat content of from 1.5 to 2.5 %. Cheese is better to choose hard varieties, and the cheese is homemade;
  • Meat. Eat stewed or boiled low-fat beef, poultry and pork, but not > 100 g per day;
  • Marine fish. It contains a lot of fatty polyunsaturated acids, a marriage which leads to the violation of cholesterol metabolism, which in turn contributes to the development of cancer. Marine fish such as cod, hake, halibut contain iodine, which prevents the development of tumors and supports hormonal balance. By the way, instead of fish, you can also take encapsulated fish oil;
  • seaweed. Every day eat 2-3 tbsp of seaweed, as they contained a lot of chlorophyll, has anti-cancer effect;
  • Green tea. Every day women should drink no < 3 glasses of the drink – this significantly reduced the risk of developing breast cancer;
  • Vegetable oil. Best food to cook in soy, corn, or olive oil;
  • Onion, garlic and herbs. These products as often as possible to add to the finished dish. In dill, onions and rosemary contains substances that protect the Breasts from cancer. Useful also parsley and celery. And just half a clove of fresh garlic a day, will help to protect yourself from cancer of the intestine;
  • Salt. Better to buy iodized, coarse, and mineralized;
  • Water. Food and tea you need to prepare only from purified water that has passed through a domestic water filter;
  • Vitamins. Selenium, vitamin C, E, A, b, PP, copper and zinc prevent the accumulation of free radicals, leading to degeneration of cells. They improve metabolism, hematopoiesis and enhance immunity.

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