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Wallpaper for desktop: what should they be?

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the appearance of any PCs single Wallpapers desktop that are not just a beautiful picture, and an indicator of the mood of the PC owner, a projection of his desires and thoughts. Today there are so many kinds of Wallpaper for your desktop (hand-drawn pictures, Wallpapers, animated Wallpapers, etc.), so what to choose? This is what we tell the editor of the site where you can pick up a unique your PC.


8-nil selection rules Wallpapers:

  1. Wallpaper - mark of your mood and condition that are always in full view of others. That is why they should approach the situation. So, for example, if you are the owner of a solid company with an office in the city center and in your office very frequently visited by customers, then it is better to forget about the Wallpapers with naked women, etc.;
  2. the Wallpaper should display your personal personality. I.e. each person chooses Wallpapers directly under him, and if he, for example, graces the mountain peaks, and personally from time to time do the climb, then he will be pleased to see the mountain peak, which he conquered;
  3. Wallpaper to delight your eyes. Now you can find a huge number of Wallpapers with features of aggressiveness, which is not very good. It is therefore better to choose a positive Wallpaper;
  4. Colours. Remember that all colors affect people differently. Never install red Wallpaper as your psyche from them very quickly! As a result, you will burn out and tire quickly. The red color interferes with focus, bare feelings. Also, do not choose a dark Wallpaper, because they are oppressed. Also better to avoid all bright colors. The best choice would be a pastel color;
  5. Looking at the Wallpaper, people need to relax. Therefore it is better to install the pictures with views of nature (river, sea, mountain meadow, waterfall);
  6. the Wallpaper must not be Intrusive;
  7. Animated Wallpaper can be installed at home, but not in the office;
  8. Choose the Wallpaper, which a minimum of sharp angles and smooth lines.

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