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Timely treatment of bronchitis - an urgent need

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disease of the upper respiratory tract (the bronchi is called bronchitis. It can be both acute and chronic. Modern medicine has developed several productive methods, and now the treatment is going very well and fast. The main symptoms are prolonged acute cough and expectoration. In addition to these indications the symptoms of bronchitis can be attributed to the shortness of breath that can occur when walking, weakness and heavy sweating. At the same time, the earlier start treatment, the better the chances of success and fewer negative consequences. If neglected timely treatment and to miss the beginning of the disease, may develop chronic lung disease leading to asthma (asphyxia).

Often when serious complications of the disease people prefer treatment abroad. For example, in Israel, provides quality diagnostc and treatment of patients from Russia. After treatment it patients often recommend the clinic to friends and family. 

What are the main causes of this disease? The most serious cause of the disease may be prolonged cooling, damp, unfavorable atmosphere, the presence in the air of toxic substances. As mentioned above, there are acute and chronic bronchitis.

the First occurs most often on the basis of viral infection. If you start treatment bronchitis immediately, its acute form is for one or two weeks. Delays in treatment for the acute stage of the disease threatens to go to another stage — the chronic. And in this case the treatment is significantly complicated and delayed indefinitely. In addition, in the case of insufficient treatment may occur the second stage, the so-called secondary bronchitis.

Given the above, should be given the utmost attention to the timely treatment of bronchitis without running it. It is known that the technique is based on the treatment methods of application of herbal remedies that give good results. These drugs actually move the mucus out of the body, cleanse the bronchial tubes, enhance the body's resistance to disease. In conclusion, it should be said that the timely treatment of bronchitis prevents many undesirable and dangerous consequences and strengthens the immune system of the body. And also prevents from the recurrence of any form of bronchitis, but only when in compliance with all rules of conduct and the instructions of doctors.

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