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The main "+" keratin hair straightening

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Who would and what would not you say, but most men will agree that women are quite strange creatures whose behavior is difficult logic. So those women who are blessed with straight hair, at any cost trying to curl, and those who have gorgeous curly hair want to straighten their curly hair. Probably everyone has heard about this procedure, keratin hair straightening. True to the question: “What is it?”, can answer only a few. In this article we will discuss all "+" of this process this method.


What is it?

Keratin straightening is a procedure of hair restoration by means of enrichment of keratin. It involves wrapping all of the hair completely (or to be exact, each individual hair) a protective film that protects it from outside impacts. Immediately after this procedure, the hair becomes shiny, manageable, very easy to style and comb. On average, keratin effect lasts for three to five months. The performance directly depends on: care of hair, their condition and the quality of drugs used during the procedure of straightening. By the way, one of the best for this procedure considered .

Those women who have already faced this procedure, know that she is Brazilian and American. By and large, between them there is no significant difference, the only difference is that keratin hair straightening American think softer, due to the fact that in the mixture the concentration of aldehydes is a little smaller than they do in Brazil.


Key "+":

  • Keratin straightening is not just a cosmetic procedure, but also treat the hair because the keratin molecules of the compound interact with molecules of the hair and over time become that place;
  • the hair keratin is kept regardless of how many times to clean the head and apply the paint on them (by the way, no additional procedures at the same time do not need);
  • After effects keratin hair owners of unruly strands will be very easy to succumb to the styling (what this procedure is completely harmless);
  • For several months, your hair will not break, split and fall out when combing, and will be perfectly smooth. Your hair will be protected from damage flat irons and burning in the sun.

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