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What you need to know when buying a winter coat in your child

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Today the market is overrun with a huge number of children's jackets, winter rompers, and, of course, insulation. Sometimes, even parents with experience, it is difficult to determine which heater is most appropriate for their child. Remember that insulation suitable for children under 1 year, it is not suitable for older children. By the way, quality you can buy in the online store:


a Little history

once the batting and fur were considered the main insulation, but the years have passed, and today everything changed. As experience has shown, overalls and jackets made of thick polyester batting rather quickly become unusable: not warm crumple in the wash, and the body they fog up, not breathing. Polyester retains heat poorly and is a poor conductor of air.
As a result, he was replaced by: fibertek, Thinsulate, hollofayber, tech-polyfill…


So what to choose?

the Main advantage of synthetic insulation is that they do not start various micro-organisms (mites, etc.), they are hypoallergenic, and even clothes with the early ‘fiberone" (fibre holds its shape better, warm, do not let cold air inside and not deformed as a result of the washings.

things to remember when buying a jumpsuit.

  • 1st rule - winter rompers need to choose the right growth;
  • 2nd rule - seeing the label baby overalls unfamiliar, the new name of the insulation, do not rush to buy it because the manufacturers of children's clothing, seeking to capture the attention of a potential client, think of insulation their own names;
  • 3rd rule with the reason for children's colds 80 % is not a weak immune system, and parents who do not know how to dress their children;
  • the 4th rule - remember that warm, actually not the insulation itself, namely the air in its cavities, which is the best insulator.

types of insulation:

  • Hair;
  • Goose down;
  • Sintepon;
  • HolloFiber, HolloFibr, HolloSoft, and other Hollo-consonant names;
  • Tech-polyfill;
  • Izosoft;
  • Thinsulate.


In General, parents choose a snowsuit that is you, but remember that you are not buying yourself personally and your child, who should it be warm and comfortable.

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